There may be instances where shifts were pre-agreed before being posted on Patchwork or perhaps a retrospective booking is being added, for a worker to claim additional hours.

In these scenarios, a shift should appear as 'Booked' rather than 'Available', as a clinician has already been assigned/worked the shift. To do so, you can assign a locum to a shift by following the steps below:

  1. Select ‘Shifts’ from left menu then select ‘Request Shift’.

  2. Fill in all the required vacancy detail fields.

  3. Select locum in ‘Clinician (optional)’ field, by typing the first 3 letters of their name.

  4. On the calendar, select the required day(s).

  5. If assigning a locum to multiple days, shift start and end times must be consistent.

  6. Click ‘Request Shift’.

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