Patchwork enables Admin staff to request shifts, sign off shifts, approve shifts for payment and ensure all shifts are processed for payroll. Depending on your function, there are different account types with varying levels of access. The Trust's Temporary Staffing Team or the Customer Success Team will ensure you have the right account when setting you up.

Admin accounts are limited to the temporary staffing team. They have access to the following pages: departments, shifts, accounts, agencies, staff and payment pages.

Admin users are able to:

  • Create manager accounts

  • Activate doctors on to Patchwork

  • Amend grades of existing doctors 

  • Manage bank shifts

  • Manage agency shifts

  • Amend rates of shifts

  • Process Payroll

  • Export Data

  • Access all departments

The Temporary Staffing Team will be able to set up all new joiners to the Trust on Patchwork. 

Most users will be set up on a manager account, which can be set up with access to specific departments. Manager accounts can have varying permissions which will be set by Service Managers or General Managers in agreement with Temporary Staffing Teams.

Manager accounts depending on their permissions can:

  • Request shifts

  • Sign off shifts (confirm doctor's attendance)

  • Approve shifts for payment (budget holder)

  • Amend shifts (escalate rates/change times)

  • Process payroll

  • Send shifts to agency

  • Access department(s) pages

These accounts have a limited view of Patchwork and can only create agency locum accounts and view shifts sent to agency by either the Temporary Staffing Team or by departments.


Sign-off privileges?
Some consultants or charge nurses can be set up with sign-off only privileges, this step is to sign off on locum attendance of shift. Sign-off authorisers will not require a Patchwork account but will need to be set up by the Patchwork team.

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