There are 3 ways which a shift can be booked on Patchwork:

  1. Clinician is assigned via the Patchwork Hub

  2. Clinician applies via the Patchwork mobile app and is approved by manager on the Hub 

  3. Clinician automatically books via the Patchwork mobile app

Clinicians can be assigned to vacant shifts on the Hub by department managers. This can be done when requesting the shift or on the View All Shifts (List) page (screenshot below): 

1) Locate the shift using the shift list view filters (date, locum name, grade etc.)
2) Select the shift > a task bar will appear at the bottom of the screen
3) Select other actions > Assign locum

4) Select the grade and name of the locum from the dropdown lists and click Assign Locum. Once assigned, this shift will be visible in the mobile app of the assigned locum (for shift management and timesheet sign-off). 

1: Click the “X applications” on a shift to view all clinicians who have applied to the shift. Clinician Patchwork profiles can be reviewed by clicking their name

2: Accept or reject the booking application by selecting Assign.

If the clinician is not known to the department you can review their profile and get in touch with them directly or through the temporary staffing team.

Clinicians known to a department can be associated to the department so they can automatically book into shifts for via the mobile app. These clinicians are instant bookers and do not need their application to a shift to be approved by a manager.

If a clinician is not associated to a department they will not have instant shift booking permissions. These clinicians will have to apply to shifts and be approved by the department on the Patchwork Hub.

To associate a doctor to a department follow the steps below:

1) Click on the Staff pages > Select staff

2) Select the Booking Preferences tab in their profile

3) Click the departments you want to associate the clinician with > save changes.

They will now be an instant booker in these departments.

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