Once a shift has been worked it has to be approved for payment before it can be processed for payroll. Depending on the centrally-agreed settings, your organisation will either have one-step or two-step shift payment approval enabled. If your organisation has one-step sign off, please ignore step 2 below.

  1. Shift is signed off via the mobile app (or Hub) by an authoriser. This is to confirm clinical attendance. This is usually completed by a consultant or senior clinician.

  2. Once a shift has been signed off for attendance it must then be approved for payment by a department manager with budget holder permissions. Two step adds a further level of review before a shift can be processed for payment.

It is important to familiarise yourself with your organisation’s payroll deadline(s) to ensure all your department’s shifts are approved for payment in time for payment processing and so clinicians are paid promptly. Contact your temporary staffing team if you are unsure what the payroll deadlines are. 

Payment Approval Steps

  1. Shifts can be signed off in the app or on the Hub. Track down historical shifts which require sign off using the date and booked status filters.

To sign off an individual shift click on the shift > on the task bar select sign-off.
You can then review the shift timesheet, make amendments if required, and select your name from the sign off authoriser Name drop down list.

Multiple shifts can be signed off simultaneously by check selecting several shifts and clicking Group Action > Sign Off. Then, select your name from the Sign Off Authoriser Name drop down list.

Once signed off, shifts will show a blue status icon stating "signed off" in the shift status column:  

Step 2 (Department Budget Holders)

If two step payment approval is enabled, department budget holders have to log into Patchwork and approve any outstanding shifts for payment processing before the organisation’s payroll deadline. [image]

Quick navigate to all the shifts which require payment approval by clicking the “X Payments need Approval” box on the shifts list view:

Signed off shifts can then be approved (either individually or simultaneously) by clicking Action or Group Action > Approve for Payment:

Once approved, the temporary staffing team/payroll team will be able to process the shift(s) for payroll.

Approved shifts will show an orange status icon the shift status column

Shifts will then be processed by the payroll team. Once these have been processed for payment will show the status as paid.

Always sign off and approve for shifts for payments promptly, this will ensure that locums can get paid on time. Shifts cannot be signed off in bulk if they are older than 6 weeks old.

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