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How do I cancel shifts on Patchwork?
How do I cancel shifts on Patchwork?
No longer need a shift? Here's how to remove it from the system
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You can delete shifts on Patchwork if you no longer require the shift for your department. Shifts can be deleted even after they have been booked. It is very important to delete shifts you no longer require for your department on the Hub, both for reporting purposes and to prevent locums booking and showing up for a shift that is no longer required.

If you no longer require a shift for your department then you can delete it going on the shift page > selecting shift > opening other actions on the task bar that appears at the bottom of the screen > clicking delete.

In order to delete a booked shift, you must first cancel the clinician out of the booking. 

Select shift ID > cancel booking > input reason

You can then delete the shift as stated above, the clinician will receive an email that the shift has been deleted.

Please note, you will need to insert a reason as to why the shift has been cancelled, which will be sent to the user.

Remember, if you don't delete the shift after canceling the booking, another worker may apply to work the shift as it is now 'Available'.

You can restore cancelled shifts by filtering all shifts by Status: Deleted.
This shift can then be restored to the hub and will appear as available to book on the app for clinicians.

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