Patchwork Insights
The new reporting tool to see how your Trust is performing!
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Patchwork Insights is an all-new feature which allows you to view and analyse a range of KPIs on your temporary staffing booked through the Patchwork app. These dashboards draw data directly from Patchworks locum management system to give management information in real-time and can be tailored to each user to allow for division or departmental reporting of performance.

 All your temporary staffing data in one place... 

Through simple diagrams displaying intricate data, Patchwork Insights gives you the tools to action insights and further streamline your temporary staffing process.Includes 3 Dashboards, Exec. Headlines, Shift Management and Financial Filter by Site, Division, Department and Grade to see a comprehensive breakdown of your temporary staffing data.

Patchwork Insights are accessible via our partner Amazon Quicksights at Patchwork Insights accounts are set up by Temporary staffing team, if you have been set up keep an eye on your inbox for the email 'Invitation to Join QuickSight' from the QuickSight team at -

Top tip!

  1. When viewing diagrams hover your cursor over any table or graph to see a detailed breakdown of data 

  2. Click on any diagram and press the arrow in the top right-hand corner to export your data! 

  3. Change your start and end filters to review your performance throughout a specific period.

  4. Right-click on any table or graph to drill down or up into your data. Drill down by either timescale or structure to unearth unique insights


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