Now that you are set up on Patchwork, it's time to start booking shifts!

There are three ways in which you can book or be booked into shifts.

  1. Applying to shifts via the Patchwork mobile app (needs approval from department)

  2. Automatically booking into shifts via the Patchwork mobile app

  3. Assigned into shifts by Trust admin staff via the Patchwork Hub

1. Applying to shifts on the app

As a doctor, whether you are substantive or bank only, no one knows your availability better than you. Take ownership over when you want to work by applying to shifts on the app. 

  • To apply to a shift, simply click on a shift which you wish to work. The shift card will pop up and have all necessary information for the shift. 

  • Tap book shift to apply

  • The shift status will then turn to applied.

  • The department will then need to accept you on to the shift. You will receive email confirmation once you have been accepted on to the shift and your shift will transfer to your planner as booked.*

Top Tip!
Need further information? Use the Ask a question feature available at the bottom of all shift cards. The question will be sent to the person who requested the shift as well as the department and temporary staffing teams.

2. Automatically booking into shifts

If you regularly book into shifts in a particular department or are known to the department, you can become an instant booker. Clinicians can automatically book into shifts via the mobile app without needing to be approved by the department.

To enable this, get in touch with your department so that they can set this up for you, to make booking locums even easier!

3. Being assigned to a shift

In the instance where you may have pre-agreed a shift with the department or you need to upload past shifts, the department can assign you to these shifts. You will be notified when assigned to a shift by email.

If you need any support with the above, please get in touch with the Customer Success Team at Patchwork at or click the support tab in the menu of the app. The team will be happy to help.

*All shifts are accepted by departments and this is not managed by the Patchwork team. Some departments work on a first come first served basis whilst others divide shifts amongst applicants. Patchwork is not responsible for how shifts are accepted, departments are responsible over shift allocation.

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