Patchwork enables you to connect directly with Trusts and book yourself into shifts when it's convenient for you. With Patchwork, you can automatically track what you've worked and what you've been paid.

Web Worker View

The Patchwork Web Worker View allows you to browse and book shifts, and manage your calendar. The Web Worker View syncs with your Patchwork app, so your information can be accessed across different devices. Just remember to use your app to sign off your shifts and track your pay!

The Patchwork App

The Patchwork app has three tabs at the bottom of the screen to manage your locum shift journey: planner, shifts and timesheets.


This is the landing page when you open the Patchwork app. This page includes shifts that are available, applied to, booked or urgent upcoming shifts. You can apply to urgent shifts from this page by tapping onto the the shift and selecting apply to this shift.

Urgent shifts are shifts that are unfilled and take place in less than X days (which is set by the trust) or shifts with escalated rates.


This page shows you both past and future shifts. Click on the shift to pull up the shift ID for extra information. The shift card displays the following: start and end time, date, grade, rate per hour (divided by core and unsocial), site, department, notes from the department, total rate of shift and a unique shift ID to quote for further queries.

A calendar view of shifts can be viewed from this page by selecting the cal button in the bottom right. This will give you oversight of shifts available each month.

This page also allows you to filter shifts by selecting the filter button in the top right. You can filter shifts by speciality, grade and site. This allows you to tailor the shift view to suit your needs.


One of the many benefits of Patchwork is that all Timesheets are digital, which means no more chasing paper timesheets! 

When you have completed a shift, select the recently completed shift, adjust your hours and breaks, then select a predesignated authoriser from the drop down menu to sign the shift off for you. 

You can also view all shifts which need to be signed off, have been signed off, have been approved for payment and are with payroll on this page. This allows you to keep track of where your shift is on the shift journey! 

This page will also display a history of your timesheets, just scroll to the bottom under payroll.

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