The payment function within Patchwork enables the Trust's payroll team to review payments, query payments and submit payments for internal payroll systems. This article will cover how payments can be processed using our Payments tool in the Hub.

Processing Payment

  1. Select Payments in the Hub Menu

  2. Select Weekly Payments/Monthly Payments under the Payment Type heading (ensure you select the correct staff group e.g. Medical)

  3. View shifts that need to be submitted for payment under the Outstanding Timesheets tab

  4. Select individual shifts by selecting the tick box besides each shift, alternatively, you can select all shifts by tapping the tick box on the top of the page.

  5. Select Process Weekly Payment Batch/Monthly Payment Batch.*

Accessing Batches

  1. Select Payments in the Hub Menu

  2. Select Weekly Batches/Monthly Batches under the Collab Bank heading

  3. Find the batch that has recently been submitted

  4. Here you can view the batch by selecting the 'eye' icon or you can export the csv. file by tapping on the download button.

Querying Payments

When processing payments, if a shift does not look correct, you can query this shift by flagging for review.

  1. Select shift(s) that you wish to review

  2. In the action bar select "Move to Flagged Payments"

This will removed the shift from the Outstanding Timesheets tab to Flagged Payments tab. Here you can query the shift outside of the system. Once this has been resolved, the shift can be returned to Outstanding Timesheet. To do this:

  1. Select shifts you wish to return to Outstanding Timesheets

  2. Select Move to Outstanding Timesheets

This will return shifts to the Outstanding Timesheets tab to be processed for next week or next months payroll.

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