The following Trusts have come together to form the North West London (NWL) Collaborative Bank:

  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

  • London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

The Collaborative Bank allows you to book bank shifts at any of these organisations, without having to undergo any further recruitment checks or verification to join the individual Trusts.

How do I join the Collaborative Bank?

To join the Collaborative Bank, please go to your Patchwork app, tap the menu, then tap β€˜Organisations’. You will be able to join the Collaborative Bank via one of the four North West London Trusts that you are already employed at, by selecting the Trust and opting in to join the the Collaborative Bank.

Please ensure you select the Trust where you are ALREADY ACTIVE on the Bank at Patchwork, DO NOT click on the Trust where you wish to work.

Who will pay me for my bank shifts?

For any Collaborative Bank shifts you work, you will be paid directly by your host trust (sometimes referred to as a Primary Trust). Your host trust is the North West London Trust whose bank you are already a member of and click on when opting to join the NWL Collaborative Bank.

What if I am not currently a member of any of the four North London Acute Trusts?

To join the North West London Collaborative, you will first need to be activated at one of the four North London Acute Trusts. If you are downloading Patchwork for the first time, please apply to Imperial College Healthcare who will progress your application. Once you have been accepted at Imperial, you will be automatically activated at the Collaborative Bank if you have opted in.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch us, or the Patchwork team at or on 020 3371 7556.

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