If a locum has worked different hours to those specified in the original shift, they are able to propose an amendment to their start and end time at the point of requesting sign off.

If the shift is signed off via the app, it is the responsibility of the sign off authoriser to accept or reject these amended times. However, if the locum requests remote sign off, the outstanding timesheet will need to be signed off by a Hub user and will appear in your To Do List. This ensures that Hub users have oversight and control over the hours worked within departments.

Under 'Timesheets', you will find a list of all shifts in need of remote sign off. A red clock symbol will be displayed next to those shifts with amended times.

Alternatively, you can filter your shift list view with the filters 'sign off requested amended hours' and 'sign off requested non-amended hours'.

Outstanding timesheets must be reviewed individually, and cannot be signed off in bulk. The proposed amendments can then be either accepted or rejected. If rejected, the original hours will be restored and the red clock symbol will be removed. There is also the option to add a reason for rejection, which will be sent to the locum via email.

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