What level of account can do this: SuperAdmin/Admin/Manager/Agency User

  1. From the homepage, click ‘Agencies’ on the left toolbar

  2. Enter agency information. If applicable, enter the shortcode for the agency, this will help the Patchwork Hub with the automated process’

  3. Additional information can be added regarding the agency. This could be anything, such as contact info, special information relevant to the agency etc.

  4. If the ‘Manage Users’ slider is green, this will mean the agency will be able to create agency workers. This should be green/on in most cases

  5. Click ‘Create Agency’

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6. Select which tier the agency should be. This is normally pre-agreed between your organisation/Framework and the Agency. If you do not have a tiered process, select ‘1’ as the agency tier.

7. You then have a choice of items to choose from. If ticked:
Can propose agency worker – This will enable the agency to put forward a worker for you to consider. The agency WILL NOT be able to automatically confirm a worker for a shift

Can assign agency worker – The agency will be able to put forward a worker to a shift. This will AUTOMATICALLY confirm the shift as ‘Booked’

Can change rate info – The Agency will have the ability to offer a worker at a different rate than the agreed framework rate within the Hub. It will be up to the organisation whether to accept the worker or not

Lock agency margin – This will prevent the agency from amending the agency margin/commission amount

8. If the Agency provides workers for multiple staffing groups, click ‘Add Another Staff Group’. You will then need to re-do steps 6 to 8 again.

9.Once completed, click ‘Save Changes’.

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