Recalling a Shift from Agency
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There will be times you no longer want your vacancies to be visible to Agencies. There can be various reasons:

  • You have filled the vacancy internally

  • You made a mistake

  • The shift is no longer required

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  1. Select the shift(s) you would like to recall

  2. Click ‘Other Actions’

  3. Click ‘Recall from Agency’

  4. When the pop-up appears, click ‘Save Changes’


Once a shift has been recalled, it is still visible in the Hub, however, this is how a shift looks when it is visible to agencies:

The little building icon is visible above. If you are yet to send a shift to agency or have successfully recalled a shift, you will NOT see the little building:

If the shift(s) was never meant to be on the Hub (a mistake was made for instance), then you can delete the shift.

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