It is the responsibility of the sign off authoriser to complete timesheets. You will need to filter the Hub to display all booked shifts:

  • From the main page, click ‘Add Filters’

  • Click the drop-down option under status and click ‘Booked’

  • In the From Date section, click a date in the past. For example, if you want to sign off all shifts worked last week, click the Monday from the previous week. You may wish to add an end date also

  • Click ‘Apply Filters’. The Hub will refresh with the information you requested.

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Remember: You need to filter to ‘Booked’ shifts to see shifts that require sign-off

Sign off Option 1: Bulk sign off

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  1. Tick each shift you wish to sign off.

  2. Click the ‘Sign-Off’ option at the bottom of the page.

  3. Find your name in the list and ‘Select’ it.

  4. ‘Save Changes’

The Hub will refresh and let you know the timesheets are signed off. The shifts will now display ‘Signed off’ status.

Option 2: Individual Sign-Off

You may need to make slight changes to a shift before signing off. Reasons such as:

  • Need to amend the start time/end time

  • Add/remove break

Once you have filtered the Hub to display ‘Booked shifts’ you can view additional information regarding the shift by clicking on the shift number.

The Hub will bring up additional shift info. To sign-off a shift:

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  1. Click ‘Sign-Off.

  2. You can amend/update the date, start/end time as you please. Maybe the worker came in late? Left early? Here is where you would reflect that.

  3. Enter breaks in minutes.

  4. Select your name as the authoriser. Then click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.

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