It is the responsibility of the payment approver to approve shifts for payment. You will need to filter the Hub to display all ‘signed off’ shifts:

  1. From the main page, click ‘Add Filters’

  2. Click the drop-down option under status and click ‘Signed Off’

  3. Click ‘Apply Filters’. The Hub will refresh with the information you requested.

  1. Tick each shift you wish to approve or select all from clicking the top tick box.

  2. Click the ‘Approve for Payment’ option at the bottom of the page.

  3. The hub will ask you to confirm that the shift ID’s you have selected are to be approved, in order to complete the action and confirm, click ‘Approve’.

The Hub will refresh and let you know they have been approved for payment The shifts will now display ‘Approved’ status.

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