To add any type of leave to a Rota, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the Patchwork Roster Hub

  2. Select ‘Rosters’ from the menu bar

3. Then select the Rota you need (Contact in house system administrator for access to other departments)

4. Ensure you have the Worker x Day view open by selecting the below icon

5. If the worker has a shift assigned, select the shift and mark the shift as leave (this will keep a record of what shift was in place)

6. Select the blank day as shown below. As you hover over it will read ‘Fill Shift’

7. You will then be prompted to complete the following field. Here select the relevant leave type; Sick leave, Annual leave, Study Leave or Special Leave.

8. Complete with relevant information.

9. Select ‘Fill Day’

10. This will then update the Rota

NB: If the Rota is not published, this won’t update the Workers Roster view

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