We have made some updates and changes to the system which will now allow single log in for multiple organisations that you are working with who are clients of Patchwork.

As part of the changes we have migrated any users with a duplicate login, all permissions will remain the same, this is effective of today 05/08/2022.

Please see below for a simple step by step guide of how to jump between each organisation, or view all agency shifts across the organisations you are working with at Patchwork.

  1. Select on the drop down that is underlined red below

  2. Here you can then select the organisation you want to view or select 'all organisations' to view all available shifts that have been sent to agency

You are still able to propose workers to agency shifts as normal. If you have any further questions regarding this new feature or new login, please contact help@patchwork.health and the Customer Care team will be happy to support.

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