Flexible and Temporary Healthcare Workers Guide - How to complete and submit your weekly timesheet

This is for any Workers who are onboarded with the MoD. This document gives an overview of the weekly timesheets process, and what this means for you.

Without prior approval received via HCRG or your agency you must not complete or submit  hours exceeding the weekly approved hours as stated in your assignment confirmation. 

Please note failure to follow this process will result in non-payment and therefore it is  imperative you have financial approval via HCRG or your agency prior to undertaking any  additional work. 

Workers are instructed to ensure their submission of timesheets are complete by no later  09:00hrs Monday morning (inclusive of UK Bank Holidays). 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with your agency if you are an  Agency worker, or HCRG if you are a Bank worker (fhrbanksupport@hcrg.uk.com or 02382  359 149) 

Login to the Patchwork app. 
Navigate to the “Timesheets” section of the app. 

3. Click the “Needs Attention” tab to view all shifts for which you have not yet  requested sign off approval. 



4. Select the ”Sign off Multiple Timesheets” button in the top right hand corner to  request sign off approval for your shifts for the week you require Hiring Manager  approval. 


5. Tick the “Select All Shifts” (you’ll see a green tick appear in the top right hand  corner for each shift that has been successfully selected.) If there are only one  week’s shifts that have not been submitted the worker can ‘Select All Shifts’ as  demonstrated below. 


If there are multiple weeks of shifts that require Hiring Manager Approval please  select individual timesheets for each week in the order you wish to complete in order  for them to appear concurrently. For example, Monday first, then Tuesday.



6. Once you have selected all of your shifts for that week, select “Next”.  

7. The “Please Check All Shifts” page will appear. Here you will input the hours that  you actually worked and actual breaks taken.  

For roles that do not have a Minimum Enforced Break configured e.g.  Paramedics A13, you will see the below screen where you will be prompted to enter the actual break time taken


For grades with a Minimum Enforced break time, the below screen will  be displayed where you must input a break time of at least 30 minutes 

for every 6 hours per shift. You will not be able to request sign-off  without adhering to the minimum break time.  



8. For shifts where the hours worked or breaks differ from the scheduled/financially  approved hours, you will be prompted to fill in the reason for this in the “Reason”  field e.g. asked to stay longer. 

9. Navigate to the next shift by selecting the “>” button on the “Please Check All  Shifts” page. 

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you have checked all shifts for the week you are  submitting.

Where you have not attended a day on the timesheet being submitted  (Either Annual Leave or possibly due to illness), please request sign off approval for zero hours on the appropriate day. You will need to insert the  same start and finish times ie 08.00 start time and 08.00 finish time.  Please note, the manager will not be able to sign off a weekly timesheet if  all days for that week have not got time submitted. 

11. Please read the Fraud Declaration. You will be prompted to view this before  requesting sign off. Select “Fraud Declaration” to view and read the statement, then  click the ‘Back’ box. 

12. Once read, select the checkbox “I have read and accepted the Fraud Declaration”


13. Once you have reviewed and amended all shifts, select “Request (number) Shift(s)”. 


14. A banner will be displayed at the top of the screen to confirm your sign off request(s)  were successfully submitted. 

15. These shifts will now appear in the “In Progress” section of the app, pending  approval by Hiring Managers. 

Overview of the Timesheets section: 

  • Needs Attention - this area displays shifts that require your action to review and submit your shifts as a timesheet for approval.
  • In Progress - within the Timesheets section of the app, this tab displays shifts for which you have already requested sign off, but require action from someone else e.g. you have requested shifts as a timesheet to be signed off that the hiring manager has  not yet signed off on. 
  • Finalised - this tab displays timesheets that have been signed off and processed for payroll.