Hiring Managers Guide - How to sign off weekly timesheets

This is for any Workers who are onboarded with the MoD. This document gives an overview of how to sign off weekly timesheets and what this means for Hiring Managers.

Prior to signing off any timesheet you will have received an email/notification that a  timesheet is due for review. 

Workers are instructed to ensure their submission of timesheets are complete by no later  09:00hrs Monday morning (regardless of UK Bank holidays).  

As Hiring Managers you must confirm the workers submission by no later than 10:00  Tuesday (regardless of UK Bank holidays). 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with fhrbanksupport@hcrg.uk.com or 02382 359 149. 

  1. Login to the Hub. 
  2. Navigate to the “Blocks” section of the Hub. 

3. Select “Show All Blocks”.  

You can also use the add filter button to filter your search results including Block Status

4. Select “Show Timesheets” to show all blocks for which timesheets need to be  finalised. 


5. Select the “Block Name” for the block that you would like to review. 


6. Click the “Sign Off” menu and navigate to the “Active” tab. 

*An overview of what each tab displays is included at the bottom of this guide. 

7. Select the “down arrow” next to the week you would like to sign off (outstanding shifts to sign off are indicated by the “Sign off Requested” status),  and review the timesheet.

8. The Hiring Manager should check that the daily hours worked are correct and a  break, as appropriate, has been taken. Once content with the hours submitted,  

select the “Bulk Sign-Off” Icon to sign-off the weekly hours. If you are not content refer to paragraph 15 below. 

*Please note where it states “Scheduled Hours and Hours per week” this mean  the Daily/Weekly Financially Approved Hours.

9. On the “Sign Off” screen that appears, select your name in the “Sign Off  

Authoriser” box 

10. Enter your comments in the “Authoriser Note” field. 

11. Before signing off the timesheet, select the link to the MOD Compliance Statement as shown below to view and read the information.


12. Once read, select back and select the tick box “I have read and accepted the  MOD compliance statement”.

13. Click ‘Confirm’ and a banner will appear to confirm the shifts have been signed 
off. The status of these shifts will now show as “Signed Off”.

14. Over Financial Approval (FA) - In the event of there being additional financial 
approval gained prior to the worker submission you can as the hiring manager 
confirm the hours submitted using the above process. However, there are 
additional notifications and safety net processes in place which are: 

  • If a worker submits over financially approved hours – where there is no 
    agreement from the HM via CMT – this is sent to HCRG who will reject 
    the timesheet and return it to the worker and will contact that worker to 
    ensure there is clear understanding of the rationale.
  • If a worker submits over financially approved hours – where the HM 
    agrees these hours, the HM can sign off the additional hours. These 
    timesheets will go directly to HCRG to add the Extra FA code and for 
    checking and approving to Payroll and the Hiring Manager will get an alert 
    to this effect
  • HCRG also check the FA at the payroll stage in the pay file as for any pay 
    over FA there must be an additional FA field completed. HCRG therefore 
    ensure approval of the timesheet cannot be undertaken by the Hiring

15. If the time sheet submitted is not correct and the Hiring Manager wants to return 
this to the worker (Reject the timesheet) the Hiring Manager should contact 
HCRG and they will manage this for you via email fhrbanksupport@hcrg.uk.com
and include the BMS reference number, the temporary worker name, week ending 
date and the reason for the rejecting the timesheet.

16. If a Hiring Manager needs to undo sign off for a weekly timesheet, please email 
fhrbanksupport@hcrg.uk.com and include the BMS reference number, the 
temporary worker name, week ending date and the reason for rejecting the