How can I use and save filters within the app?

Learn how to save your filters so see the shifts that are most relevant to you.

Saved filters make it even easier for you to find available shifts at the departments, sites and locations that work best for you, at the touch of a button. 

Watch the video below or read the instructions to learn how to save your filters within the mobile app.

  1. Within the 'Shifts' tab, select the filter icon to bring up the 'Filters' menu
  2. Select the applicable filters, for example specialities or locations that suit you
  3. Select 'Save Filters' to save. Your settings will be saved for when you next log in to the app, and will remain until you remove them
  4. Click 'View Results' to see shifts matching your selected filters 
  5. To remove filters, select 'Saved Filters' and uncheck the filters you wish to remove before clicking 'View Results' to see an updated list of shifts