How do I add a worker to a shift on the roster?

Learn how to assign a worker to a shift for a given activity or day.

Watch the summary tutorial, or follow the detailed steps below:

Activity view

  1. Click on any unfilled shift you want to fill to launch the shift modal
  2. Click ‘Add Worker’
  3. The dropdown shows available workers for rostering, from the department list associated with that roster
  4. Selecting a worker launches the confirmation modal
  5. Workers can be unassigned from a shift by opening the shift modal and clicking the ‘x’ against the worker's name
  6. Any workers assigned to a shift will be reflected in both the worker and day view.
  7. If the worker has no schedule on the worker view, this will automatically be created 

💡In an unpublished roster, the compliance service will not be automatically engaged.

💡In a published roster, the compliance service will be engaged and check compliance against existing shifts for that workers.
🚀 Use ctrl+m to engage the mutli-select tool for efficiency.

Worker view

  1. If a worker does not have an existing schedule within the roster
    1. Create the worker schedule by selecting ‘Add Schedule’
    1. Select worker by clicking ‘Add Worker’ - select from list of unrostered workers who belong to the relevant department list
    2. Once a schedule is created, click on a blank day - this launches the a new modal
    3. Select from available shifts in the dropdown
      1. You will have visibility of remaining shifts of this type to fill (eg. 1/3 - one of three shifts remains to fill to satisfy demand)
  2. If a worker does have an existing schedule, bypass steps a, b & c above
  3. Unassign a shift from a worker by hovering over the shift pill and clicking the ‘x’ on the top right corner

Day view

  1. See the steps for the activity view 
  2. Click into unfilled shifts and assign the worker from the modal

💡If the roster is not published, the worker will not be notified. If the roster is published then the worker will be notified.