How do I change a worker's grade on Patchwork Bank?

Learn how to change a worker's grade on the Patchwork Bank hub.

Worker grades can only be changed by users with an admin account, as they have the correct system permissions. It is essential that a worker's grade on the system is reflective of their actual grade, as this affects:

  • The shifts that they can apply for

  • The shifts they can work
  • The rate at which they are paid

💡If you are a Patchwork Bank AND Rota user, please note that changing a worker's grade in this way will not change the grade within Patchwork Rota. In order to change the grade for rostering purposes, users with appropriate permissions will need to do so in the Patchwork superhub. 

Updating a worker's grade on the hub

  1.  Open the 'Staff' tab on Menu > Find user name > Open user profile > Select 'Employment'
  2. Under 'Staff Grade' select the appropriate grade > Tap 'Save Changes'

The grade on the worker's profile will change, and they will now be able to book appropriate shifts. They will also be paid appropriately if booking up or down based on grade e.g. an ST1 working an FY2 shift, or similar. 

💡The ability for workers to book up or down based on grade is determined by your organisation. Enabling workers to do so, if appropriate, has been shown to improve shift fill rates.