How do I change the details of a shift?

Learn how to amend the details of a shift after it has been posted.

You can amend shift grades and times when a shift has the following status: available or pending. If a shift has booked status you will first need to cancel the worker from the shift.

Open the shift information by clicking on the unique shift ID. You can amend the shift details by selecting the 'Shift Details' tab:

For available or pending shifts you can amend the following:

  1. Grade

  2. Department

  3. Start, finish & break times

  4. Reason for booking

  5. Worker/admin notes

  6. Cost centre (for department cross-cover)

For booked shifts you can amend the following:

  1. Start, finish & break times

  2. Reason for booking

  3. Worker/admin notes

  4. Cost centre