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How do I create a new department list?

A department list is a list of staff that work within a department. Learn how to create new lists within the Rota hub.

To create a new department list, you need to ensure that you have added all workers to the Patchwork superhub first. Once you have confirmed all the necessary workers have been added, follow the steps in the video below or follow the step by step written instructions: 


  1. Select 'Admin Area > Department Lists' from the menu bar

  2. Select ‘New Dept List’ in the top right corner

  3. Input the details as prompted

  4. Select 'Create Dept List' 
You will then need to open the department list you have just created and add all necessary workers prior to creating your roster. 

💡 Can't see the associated department you wish you use? Contact your in-house system administrator for access to other departments.