How do I post a shift retrospectively?

This article will provide an overview of how to add a shift that has already been worked to the hub.

💡The NHSE&I target for requesting shifts is at least 6-weeks in advance. Whilst there may be a range of barriers to achieving this, requesting shifts as far in advance as possible is proven to increase your shift fill rate and increase the number of shifts filled at Base Rate. On average, shifts requested at least 6-weeks in advance have a 10% higher fill rate than shifts that are requested up to 1-week in advance.

💡If shifts are posted retrospectively, then no one using the app to search for shifts will be able to see these. To take full advantage of the marketplace that Patchwork can bring to your department, it's best to post shifts as far in advance as possible to allow suitable clinicians to see and apply for shifts.

To request to input a retrospective shift for your department, you will need to select 'Request Shift':

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 13.23.53

  1. Select 'Hourly' or 'Sessional' as appropriate 

  2. Select the site, department and reason for booking (e.g. vacancy)

  3. Select the staff group and grade.

  4. Select the shift date(s) and start & finish time 

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 13.48.35Review the shift details and once you are happy, click 'Create Shift'

💡You can request multiple shifts with the same shift pattern (e.g. 8am-5pm) simultaneously by selecting multiple dates on the calendar pop out.

The cost centre is automatically pulled through when the department is selected. Use the 'Override Default' toggle to change the cost centre (e.g. when there is cross-cover between departments).