How do I post a shift with a pre-assigned worker?

Learn how workers can be assigned to vacant shifts on the hub.

Sometimes, a worker may have agreed with a department to work a specific shift before it has been posted using Patchwork. In these instances, or in cases of retrospective bookings for workers to claim for additional hours worked, it is possible for managers to pre-assign workers at the time of shift creation:

  1. Select ‘Shifts’ from menu then select ‘Request Shift

  2. Fill in all the required vacancy detail fields

  3. Under, 'Do you already have a worker to assign', select 'Yes'.
  4. Select the worker in the 'Clinician'. Please be aware that you must begin typing the name for the list to populate.

  5. Click ‘Create Shift

    Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 14.20.13

💡Use the 'Worker Notes' box to include relevant information about the shift(s) for the worker to see in the app.