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How do I set up new exception reporting categories?

Learn how to set up new exception reporting categories so that exception reports can be raised. Categories are an important step in getting started with using exception reporting.

Categories are set by admins at the organisational level. This ensures that the organisation can choose what’s appropriate for them, and that the Patchwork system works how you do and doesn't slow you down. 

  1. Log in to Patchwork's superhub 
  2. In the left panel select 'Exception Report Categories' 
  3. Add any new categories and manage existing categories

Without exception reporting categories being set up, workers won’t be able to see exception reports or raise an exception report. 

💡When you create a category it can have as many reasons as needed, giving full system flexibility.

💡When you create a new category, you can decide on whether or not that category has compensation. 

💡Once a category name has been set, you can’t change it.

💡To ensure the integrity of the data, you can’t delete an exception report category if there are any pending exception reports associated to it