How do I sign-off a completed shift for a worker?

Learn how to sign-off timesheets in the hub, and manage shifts once they have been worked.

In most instances, if in-app sign-off has been enabled by the department, workers will be able to have their timesheet authorised at the end of the shift by the on-duty authoriser, for example a senior clinician.

If the worker is not able to have their timesheet signed off via the app at the end of the shift, it will need to be signed off within the hub by a manager, or appropriate member of the temporary staffing team. 

Once attendance has been verified, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Select ‘Shifts > View All Shifts’ from menu

  2. Select the specified booked shift to be signed off

  3. From the task bar, select 'Sign-Off'

  4. Select the name of the person who confirmed the worker's attendance from the dropdown list of sign-off authorisers, then click ‘Submit

💡Shifts requiring sign-off, as requested by the worker, will appear in your 'To-Do List':