How do I suspend a worker?

This article will provide an overview of how to suspend a worker from booking into any future shifts.

Who can suspend workers?

Only hub administrator account holders are able to suspend workers. 

When would I need to use this feature?

Below are some potential reasons for suspending a worker:

  • A worker's training has expired
  • A worker is being issued a new ESR
  • Any other pending investigation 

When a worker's account is suspended, they will no longer be permitted to apply to shifts on the app. 

How to suspend a worker

  1. Open the 'Staff' tab on menu > Select 'View All Staff' > Select 'User Profile' > Select 'Suspend Worker'
  2. You will then be promoted to input the following information:
  • Message to be sent to the worker in regards to why they are being suspended
  • Admin note in regards to the suspension 

3. Click 'Suspend Worker' to confirm changes

The worker will then be marked as suspended on the hub and will no notified that they are no longer able to book shifts.