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How do I make a user a leave approver?

How to assign a leave approver to a department or team.

Leave Approvers are managed via the Department List settings. To assign a leave approver:

1. Open the Admin Area menu, and select Department Lists

2. Select the relevant department from the list (you can use the search field to find the department)

3. Open the Department List settings by clicking the icon

4. Select Next to open the leave approvers window

4. Select Add a User to add a new approver to the list

5. Find the user in the drop down list and assign the Can manage grade leave permission

7. Select the grades the user will be approving leave for

8. Select Update Department List



💡 Once an approver has been assigned to a Department List, they will be sent a confirmation email with the subject line "You have been invited to manage leave" 

💡 This email will confirm the department and grade they have been assigned to approve