How does in-app authorisation work?

Patchwork's in-app timesheet authorisation functionality protects your organisation from timesheet and payroll fraud, as well as supporting a fast and efficient sign-off process.

In most instances, if in-app sign-off has been enabled by the department, workers will be able to have their timesheet authorised at the end of the shift by the on-duty authoriser, for example a senior clinician.

💡 The primary and preferred sign-off mechanism for timesheet authorisation is through use of a PIN (personal identification number). Previously, Patchwork used a signature-based method as the mechanism. A PIN number is highly secure by design, and significantly reduces the risk of timesheet fraud within your organisation. 

In-app timesheet sign-off

If your organisation/department has enabled in-app sign-off, the worker will follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ‘Timesheets’ from the menu tab at the bottom of the screen

  2. Under the ‘To Sign-Off’ tab, select the shift that you wish to sign off

  3. You can sign off multiple shifts for the same department by selecting each shift and selecting 'Sign Off Selected'

  4. This will create an e-timesheet for each shift selected that needs to be filled out by an authoriser

  5. Hand your phone to the relevant authoriser. The authoriser will then select their details from the 'Choose Authoriser' list, input their PIN as prompted, and select 'Sign Off'
  6. A receipt of shift authorisation will be sent to you as the worker, and the authoriser