How to send a shift to agency from the Patchwork Bank hub?

Learn how to send a shift for agencies from the hub.

Once you have created a shift, for agencies to view it/them, you need to send it out to the Patchwork Agency portal. 

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To do this:
  • Tick the shift(s) you wish to action

  • Click ‘Other Actions’

  • Click ‘Send to Agency’

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  • Select the tier you wish to send the shifts to. Note: any tier you select will promote the shift to all agencies within that tier, as well as any tier numbered below it (e.g. select tier 5, then tiers 1-4 and 5 will be able to view the shift)

  • If you choose to select a tieryou will be able to amend this at a later date 
  • Click ‘Send to Agency’

Within the hub you will see a little building icon next to the shift: