I currently do not work at an organisation but want to book bank shifts. How do I proceed?

Patchwork acts as a digital passport, allowing you to apply to partner organisations without re-uploading the same files.

With Patchwork, your credentials, qualifications, and work history are securely stored on the app to enable you to request to book bank shifts across all departments, and apply to partner organisations without re-uploading the same files.

This information is accessible to the organisation's staff bank when you apply to work across departments and at our partner organisations.

🚀 Each organisation will have slightly different requirements when it comes to pre-employment checks. Make sure you are familiar with these before applying, to ensure your application is approved quickly and you can start booking shifts!

If the organisation has an onboarding question, please answer this and upload as much information as you can to your profile when applying. 

Applying to additional participating organisations 

  1. Navigate to your profile, tap your name, and select 'Add Information' under 'External Profile'

  2. Upload all relevant documents that the staff bank requires

  3. Go back to the menu and select 'Organisations'

  4. Tap the organisation that you wish to apply to

  5. Select ‘I do not currently work here...’ 

  6. Read the Staff Bank Agreement Form*, then sign in the space below to agree to the terms outlined

  7. The staff bank will receive the request and get in contact, to direct you on the next steps of their employment process

  8. You will be notified via email and a push notification once your account is activated

  9. Once activated, you may begin requesting and booking shifts via the app


🚀Patchwork is not responsible for activating clinicians on the system, this responsibility lies with the organisation. They will be best placed to advise as to what stage of the process each application is at.

💡Patchwork does not set the terms of any working agreement. This is set and decided by the organisation. The agreement is made available on the app only for the purpose of facilitating your registration with the staff bank.