I've worked a bank shift that wasn't on the Patchwork system. How can I get paid/have it recorded on the system?

All shifts worked/booked must be uploaded on to Patchwork for reporting and auditing purposes. Learn how to record shifts you've already worked.

To ensure timely payment, it is the responsibility of departments to upload shifts onto Patchwork. The Patchwork team does not have visibility into the specific shifts worked, so please reach out to your department to upload your shifts onto Patchwork.

Once your shift has been uploaded and assigned, the appropriate team within the department will need to sign the shift off for attendance and approve it for payment before it is sent to payroll. You will be able to track the shift within the app in the 'Timesheets' tab.

If you're unable to contact the department, please contact the relevant Temporary Staffing Team. All contact details can be found by visiting https://faq.patchwork.health/staff-bank-contact-details