Creating and managing agencies within the Patchwork Bank hub

Learn how to manage agencies from the hub, including updating tiers.

Creating an agency

Patchwork Agency Manager is configured under what is termed a 'global architecture' with regard to agencies and agency users. In practice, what this means it that an agency, and by extension agencies users, often work with multiple organisations using a single login for the Patchwork Agency portal. This means that agencies, and by extension agency users, are not created or deleted by organisations themselves, but instead are initially configured by Patchwork.

During the implementation process, Patchwork will work with you to link agencies and agency workers that are associated with you to your organisation. 

🚀Once the initial setup is complete, agencies can self-manage their users from the Patchwork Agency portal, providing they are given the appropriate permissions. This significantly reduces the administrative burden for your organisation. Any updates in the portal, such as the addition of new users, will be automatically reflected in the hub. 

If you do require help with a missing agency or agency user in the system, please contact the Customer Care team at 

Managing agency permissions

Within the hub, provided you have the correct permissions, you are able to make some changes to agency permissions, including tiers:

The concept of tiering agencies is central to the agency management process.

Tiers will be configured for your organisation during the implementation process.

Tiers allow you to efficiently cascade available shifts to agencies, for example in line with agreed frameworks. 

Creating, managing and deleting tiers

💡Agency tiers are a great way for organisations to manage their costs

If you have the relevant permissions, to add or manage a tier:

  1. Within the ‘Agencies’ section of the hub, navigate to ‘Agency Tiers’
  2. To add a tier, simply select the ‘Add Tier’ button at the end of the Tier list for each staff group

Deleting a tier is equally simple:

  1. Just click the small ‘x’ 

You can’t delete tiers if there are active shifts that have been sent out to them. You also can’t delete tiers from the middle of the list (i.e. deleting tier 4 in isolation when 9 tiers are in use).