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My exception report has been rejected - how do I dispute this?

Learn how to dispute an exception report that’s been rejected.

If you have raised an exception report that has been rejected and you would like to dispute that rejection, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to web app
  2. Navigate to 'Exception Reports' 
  3. Locate and open the rejected exception report 
  4. Click on the dispute decision button
  5. Fill out the form and submit the dispute to your supervisors 

Your clinical supervisor/exception report authoriser will be notified of the dispute. They will be prompted to review the dispute in a timely manner. 

💡 With Patchwork, all disputes are able to happen in-system, removing the need for endless back and forth email discussions, and ensuring the process is completed in a timely manner. This also ensures full transparency for both the clinician and the organisation.