Simple rate escalation

Request and authorise a rate escalation with our simple, configurable tool.

1. Select the shift you want to escalate

Navigate to 'View All Shifts' > Open the shift by clicking on the ID > Select 'Rate Escalation'. 

2. Input the new rates

In the menu select 'Request Escalation'

  • Input the new core rate
  • Input the new unsocial rate
  • Input reason

You can choose a different amount for core and unsocial if necessary.

🚀 Inputting a rate request reason is mandatory, and will help the authoriser understand the nature and importance of the escalation.

3. Select the authoriser for the escalation, and save changes

The authoriser will be sent an email receipt to confirm the new shift rate has been authorised in their name. The shift list view will automatically update with the new rates in red.