How do I view the shift audit trail?

With Patchwork, you have easy access to a full audit trails of all shifts.

Audit trail

The audit trail displays the journey of the shift, from creation to sign-off and payment.

If you need to view the history of a shift on Patchwork, click on the shift ID:

🚀If you want to receive updates of a shift that you have not originally requested, you're able to do so by clicking the 'Eye' icon.

Every shift-related action is captured, with dates, times and the user who performed it, including:

  • Shift details

  • Shift requester

  • Clinician assigned/clinician applied to shift

  • Name of admin accepting clinician on to shift

  • Rate amendment requests

  • Booking cancelled

  • Shift deleted

  • Shift signed off

  • Shift approved for payment

  • Shift sent to payroll