Approving shifts for payment

Learn about the one-step and two-step shift approval processes available within Patchwork prior to payroll processing.

Once a shift has been worked it has to be approved for payment before it can be processed for payroll. Depending on the centrally-agreed settings, your organisation will either have one-step or two-step shift payment approval enabled. If your organisation has one-step sign off, please ignore step 2 below.

  1. Shift is signed off via the app or remotely (hub) by an authoriser. This is to confirm clinical attendance. 

  2. Once a shift has been signed off for attendance it must then be approved for payment by a relevant team or individual. This step adds a further level of review before a shift can be processed for payment.

đź’ˇIt is important to familiarise yourself with your organisation’s payroll deadline(s) to ensure all your department’s shifts are approved for payment in time for payment processing so workers are paid promptly. Contact your temporary staffing team if you are unsure of the payroll deadlines.