An agency shift journey through Patchwork

How is an agency shift managed in Patchwork?

Patchwork streamlines and digitises the process of managing bank and agency shifts from booking, through to sign-off and payroll.

Depending on your role within the organisation and account permissions on Patchwork, you will be responsible for different parts of this process. Please view the video below to see a quick overview of the system.



🚀Shifts can be filtered by status, making it easier to see outstanding actions. For instance, filter by signed-off status to see shifts you need to approve for payment.

Please note: As per organisational configuration your hub may only have one-step authorisation of shifts, and so once a shift is signed off it will be captured on the next payment file. However if two-step authorisation is in place shifts will need to be approved for payment as well in order for that shift to be captured on the next payment file.