What are the different permissions and accounts with Patchwork Bank?

There are two levels of access permissions within the Patchwork Bank hub. There are also permissions that do not require or grant access to the hub itself.

Admin accounts

Patchwork enables hub users with admin access to request, sign-off and approve shifts for payment, and ensure all shifts are processed for payroll. Depending on your function, there are different account types with varying levels of access. Your organisation will ensure you have the right access when creating your account, or will ask or the Patchwork Customer Care team to do so on their behalf. 

Admin accounts are usually restricted to individuals within the temporary staffing team. They have access to the following pages:

  • All department lists
  • Shifts
  • Accounts
  • Agencies
  • Staff
  • Payments 

Admin users are able to (subject to appropriate permissions):

  • Create manager accounts
  • Activate workers onto Patchwork
  • Amend grades of existing workers
  • Manage bank shifts
  • Manage agency shifts
  • Amend rates of shifts
  • Process payroll
  • Export data
  • Access all department settings

Manager accounts

Most users will be set up with a manager account, which is configured to give access to specific departments. Manager accounts can have varying access and permissions. Depending on their permissions manager accounts can:

  • Request shifts 
  • Sign off shifts (confirming shift attendance)
  • Approve shifts for payment 
  • Process payments (payroll)
  • Amend shifts (escalate rates/change times/change shift grade/change shift cost centre)
  • Send shifts to agency 
  • Access department(s) pages