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How do I add a new exception reporting clinical supervisor for a worker?

Learn how to assign a clinical supervisor using the Patchwork system.

Educational supervisors have overall responsibility for reviewing exception reports and ensuring these are resolved in a timely manner. 

Assigning a supervisor is an important step in configuring the exception reporting functionality. Supervisors should be set up after categories. You may also wish to change the clinical supervisor for a worker at any time to reflect changing roles and responsbilities.

  1. Log in to superhub
  2. In the left panel click on 'Hub Accounts' 
  3. Select the individual you want to set as a supervisor 
  4. Navigate to 'Exception Reporting'
  5. Select the desired categories from within the ‘Exception Report Category’ dropdown
  6. Select workers to assign with the ‘Assign Workers To Approver’ box, or select all workers
  7. Update and save the changes

Workers can be assigned to supervisors individually, or a supervisor/supervisors can be assigned to all workers in your organisation. 

💡The ’Can Manage Report Approvers’ toggle will allow the account holder more control over what permissions they can manage for other workers.