How do I recall a shift from agency within the Patchwork Bank hub?

Learn how to recall a shift from being visible to agency when it's no longer required.

There can be various reasons why an agency shift needs to be recalled:

  • You have filled the vacancy internally

  • You made a mistake

  • The shift is no longer required

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💡Note that if an agency worker has been booked on to the shift, you will need to first cancel the worker from the booking before recalling the shift. 


  1. Select the shift(s) you would like to recall

  2. Click ‘Other Actions’

  3. Click ‘Recall from Agency’

  4. When the pop-up appears, click ‘Save Changes'

Once a shift has been recalled, it is still visible in the hub. A shift that is visible to agencies looks like this:

The little building icon is visible above. If you have successfully recalled a shift, you will NOT see the little building icon. 


If the shift(s) was never meant to be on the hub (e.g. you have raised it in error), then you should delete the shift from the system entirely.