How do I create a worker based rota?

Learn how to build a rota using worker patterns

The first step is to create the pattern(s) from which the rota will be built:

1. Ensure that all required activities and shift templates have been created

2. In the Patchwork Rota portal, select 'Admin Area' and go to 'Worker Patterns'

3. Select 'New Pattern' and complete the required fields before selecting 'Create'

4. Add shifts to the template by hovering over a day and selecting 'Add Shift' or add a shift to multiple days by first holding CTRL + M

5. Complete the required fields; 'Select Shift Template' and 'Add Activity (optional)'

6. To add more than one shift on the same day (maximum of 3) select 'Add Another Shift'

7. To create a new shift template at this point, select 'Create and Add New Shift Template'

8. Once all shifts have been added, select 'Run Compliance' and then 'View Breakdown'

9.Change the 'Status' from 'Draft' to 'Complete'

💡Extra weeks can be added be added to ('Add Week') or removed from ('X') a pattern 

💡When creating a new shift template, ensure you have followed the same naming conventions as your existing shifts to avoid confusion

💡Patterns can be duplicated in the 'Actions' menu of the 'Worker Patterns' screen

Once the pattern(s) have been completed, you can use them to create a rota:

1. In the Patchwork Rota portal, select 'Rotas' and go to 'Create New Rota'

2. Select 'New Worker-Based Rota'

3. Complete the required fields and include the relevant pattern(s) and number of 'Slots' (workers attached to the pattern) in the 'Add Worker Pattern' section, then select 'Create'

4. Confirm that your pattern is correct and select 'Ready to Roster'

5. Select the correct 'Department List'

6. Once created, add staff to the roster by selecting 'Add Worker' and choosing a name from the list

7. Leave worker slots blank by selecting 'Leave Track Unassigned'

8. Finalise the roster and send to staff by selecting 'Publish Roster'



💡'Worker-Based Rotas' can be viewed via the Activity and Day View as with an 'Activity-Based Rota'

💡Ensure that your 'Department List' selection matches the department attached to the Worker Pattern