What is Patchwork Insights?

Patchwork Insights is the best-in-class information management and reporting tool that gives you complete transparency over your staffing metrics and user behaviours.

Drive long-term, sustainable workforce improvements with:

  • Up-to-date overviews of actual and forecasted spend
  • Live performance indicators to assess targets and identify blockers
  • Fully exportable dashboards, graphics and extractable workforce data
  • Full support from our in-house expert data analysts
  • Continuous dashboard development based on your feedback and evolving requirements
  • Customisable access controls that allow you to give visibility of specific data to specific users
  • Automatically generated reports you need in just a few clicks, to see the data that matters most to you with customisable templates. Reports are pre-configured to meet the requirements of central bodies, including NHSEI


How do I access Patchwork Insights?

Patchwork Insights is accessible via our partner Amazon Quicksights at insights.patchwork.health

💡Bookmark this URL: http://insights.patchwork.health

Patchwork Insights account access is managed by your temporary staffing team. Once approved, the email invitation is titled 'Invitation to Join QuickSight' from the QuickSight team at - noreply@quicksight.aws.amazon.com

🚀 When viewing diagrams hover your cursor over any table or graph to see a detailed breakdown of data 

🚀Click on any diagram and press the arrow in the top right-hand corner to export your data! 

🚀Change your start and end filters to review your performance throughout a specific period.

🚀Right-click on any table or graph to drill down or up into your data. Drill down by either timescale or structure to unearth unique insights