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For Lead Employers

What information needs to be provided before go-live?

  • A data collection form will be issued once opted in with NHSEI. If the organisation has opted in but hasn't received the data collection form then please contact help@patchwork.health

How will I receive training?

  • Training videos will be distributed to all relevant stakeholders, to be watched in your own time. If you have any follow-up questions, Patchwork Health will be hosting a number of virtual drop-in sessions in conjunction with NHSEI. The dates of these will be circulated shortly.

  • If you have an urgent query, please contact help@patchwork.health, and the Customer Success team will be able to assist you. Bespoke virtual training sessions can also be arranged.

What support will I get post go live?

  • Patchwork Health’s Customer Success team is available to answer your questions 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri, via help@patchwork.health.

How is an Agency set up on Patchwork?

  • The Patchwork team will be responsible for creating Agencies.

How is an Agency Admin user set up on Patchwork?

  • The Patchwork team will be responsible for creating Agency Admin accounts.

How is an Agency Worker set up on Patchwork?

  • Agency Workers will be set up by designated Agency Admin users. Profiles will contain all relevant information required.

How is a shift entered onto the Patchwork system?

  • Log into Patchwork and navigate to the Shift List. In the top right corner, select Request Shift and fill in the form with the relevant details. This article outlines this process in more detail.

  • In order to Send the shift to Agency, select the check box to the left hand side of the shift created. This will reveal the Action Bar, from which you can select Other Actions > Send to Agency, as per the screenshot below.



  • It is at the Lead Employer’s discretion as to whether shifts will be requested by LE directly, or by the individual sites in need. If site staff require Patchwork access, please get in touch with the team at help@patchwork.health.

How is a worker allocated to a shift?

  • Agencies propose workers to available shifts, which notifies the Lead Employer team. If the LE is satisfied by the worker proposed, they can be accepted into the shift.

How will workers get paid?

  • Agency timesheets will be completed in line with local agreements.

  • If there are any amendments to be made to start and end times, these will be submitted to the Lead Employer to edit on the Patchwork Hub for reporting purposes.

  • In order to edit a shift, select the unique 6-digit shift ID, which will open the shift modal. All shift detail can be edited here, after which you must select 'Save' on the bottom right.

Are shifts sent to agencies reported on?

  • A daily report is sent from Patchwork to NHSEI for national reporting requirements.