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Introducing Patchwork Refine: Temp Staffing

What is Patchwork Refine & How does it help support me and my team, department or organisation?

Service demand is increasing, staff vacancies are rising, budgets are being squeezed and new workforce targets are arriving: when it comes to temporary staffing, we are acutely aware of the myriad challenges facing NHS employers. From our perspective as NHS people professionals in constant dialogue with NHS employers across the country, we can see that the expectations placed on employers are continuously changing, and that external, hard-to-control factors can heavily impact on progress towards targets.

We want to recognise the effort and commitment that our NHS partners put into running the best possible services under such challenging post-pandemic conditions.

We also want to ensure that our team continues to offer the best possible support to our partner organisations. As such, we are introducing Patchwork Refine: a framework of guidance and resources to assist with the successful delivery of temporary staffing solutions across your organisation.

Created by our highly experienced Customer Success team, and informed by insights from client feedback, multiple support projects and transformation programmes, Patchwork Refine is a collation of useful and actionable resources built into a structured framework.

Each Refine theme will focus on a key element of staff bank management, from initial Bank Growth, Onboarding and System Configuration, to Worker Utilisation, Shift Management, and financial controls.

Every Refine theme contains digestible guidance for maximising the effectiveness of your staff bank at every stage of the process, with the information tailored to reflect how you use our systems in the most effective way. This includes links to helpful resources, including process maps, unique reports from Patchwork Insights and templates that can help to alleviate your workload.

Patchwork Refine has been designed to offer our partners an opportunity to safely and smoothly review how their temporary staffing services are currently running, and to provide ongoing support in the form of guidance and transformation sessions delivered by our Customer Success team. We hope you find this unique resource useful.