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Patchwork Refine: System Health Scorecard

How will patchwork support you to measure how well-refined your Temporary Staffing service is?

Patchwork Bank: System Health Scorecard

Organisations will receive monthly Patchwork Refine Scorecards, and these will be complemented by monthly meetings with your dedicated customer success manager, who will help guide you through the scorecard, understand the data and help you prioritise areas of focus to get the best out of Patchwork in your organisation.

The scorecard is broken down into Patchwork Refine themes:

  • System Utilisation
  • Onboarding & Recruitment
  • Worker Utilisation & Engagemenet
  • Hub User Behaviours
  • Financial Controls

Key metrics that are taken directly from the Patchwork Hub, will return monthly snapshots of how your organisation has used patchwork, and show what impact this has had on your performance. A score will then be attributed to each metric and ranked against all our live clients, showing you on a regular basis how you are performing in comparison to other customers (anonymised of course)


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