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What is Patchwork Refine and how does it work

This article will explain what Patchwork Refine is, our approach to supporting customers and the benefits that will come

What Is Patchwork Refine

Patchwork Refine is a recent initiative led by the Customer Success Team. Through the Refififine programme, we'll be focusing on several key themes, that will ultimately lead to your organisation having reassurance and confidence in our partnership. Enabling both your organisation and Patchwork to maintain a high standard of working, enabled through our best practices and products.

Our Approach

Using the data available through our Patchwork Insights platform, we can identify areas within your organisation that are eligible to undertake the Refine programme. We can supplement this with an organisation-ready self-evaluation questionnaire, based on the results of this we would then conduct meetings or workshops within your organisation and key stakeholders to focus on the theme area(s) and leave no stone unturned! Together we will agree on actionable outcomes for both your organisation and Patchwork, working in tandem until both parties are satisfied with the work completed.

What are the benefits?

At the beginning of the Refine programme, we will set out clear benefits to be realised between both your organisation and Patchwork. Different benefits will be associated with each theme. Undertaking this programme of work will further solidify our partnership and focus on developing a structured process to embed best practices. Driving opportunities forward for improvement, which will leave your organisation full of confidence in Patchwork as not only a supplier but a collaborator.

Addressing key challenges and opportunities identified throughout the process will hopefully support organisations to increase fill rates, and reduce reliance on agency spend.